Internship Spotlight: Conner Hyde


For this weeks internship spotlight, I reached out to Conner Hyde to learn about his internship at Galvanize Seattle, whose main focus is putting a more relational approach to conflict in place in Washington State school systems using restorative justice. For the past seven months, Conner has been working on bringing restorative justice into various schools in the area. While at his internship, he is in charge of outreach, meaning that he meets with people from different school districts in Washington with hopes that he can bring restorative justice into their schools. For the past few months, Conner has been trying to integrate restorative justice into our school with relationship circles held in his advisory alongside his fellow Galvanize Seattle interns.

Though this is a fulfilling internship for him, there are some things that he finds difficult. One example is when he meets someone for the first time to discuss bringing restorative justice into their school district. When talking with them, he represents restorative justice as a whole, so if he doesn’t make a good impression, it’s unlikely that he will build an effective network of city leaders. Conner’s hope is that someday there will be a more relational approach to conflict in place and that restorative justice will become a normality in Washington’s various school districts.