Building a Studio from the Ground Up


Photo by Natalie Munson

Blake Johnson plays drums in the recording studio.

What started as a dream has become what seems like a full-time job, but the recording studio interns don’t plan on quitting.

“Music has been my one steady thing, my constant,” said Mason Bice, a recording studio intern. Mason has been working with the recording studio for a year now, and though the work is tough she still continues to work on what has seemed to have turned into a full-time project.

The recording studio interns have been working on recruiting and networking with the students at Gibson Ek to build a strong music program. It has been no easy job building up the studio but it is worth it to Mason and the rest of the recording studio interns.

Mason has been working on a recording studio club that could give students more opportunity to reach out to other teens who are musically inclined. Mason spends her days planning the recording studio club, building the studio, and learning about all that a recording studio has to offer.

A big project they plan to work on is a monthly event for local bands to share their work. This would be hosted in the upper campus.

Blake Johnson, a recording studio intern going on 3 years, plans to make these events happen. He is currently applying for a grant from the Issaquah School District, and plans to use about 40 percent of the potential grant money to fund this event. They hope to kick this off in the spring of 2019. With the other 60 percent of the grant, the recording studio interns hope to improve the space.

The recording studio interns hope to improve the space, increase the opportunity for musical students at Gibson Ek, and hope to reach out to the community to make opportunities for them too. They strive to make the recording studio open and welcome, and encourage students to come in and experience music.