HoloLens: The Path to the Future


Image from Microsoft

Paige Huffman, Staff Writer

Trying out the HoloLens is like tasting the future of humanity. You get to grasp the present turning into the future.

There are many different virtual reality devices everywhere. There is a Samsung, Apple, and even a Microsoft one, sort of. Microsoft joined forces with another company to make their own VR, but sadly the company hasn’t worked on one of their own — yet.

The HoloLens is an augmented reality visor which means you can still see your surroundings while being able to see virtual graphics. I tried out the HoloLens myself recently and saw great potential in it.

When I first saw The HoloLens I thought, “Wasn’t the team focusing on the HoloLens to be light and not bulky and heavy?” I guess I was wrong. When one of the Microsoft store staff put it on me, I felt like he put a weight on me. Good news is that you’ll only get a headache after 30 minutes of using it.

Plus, my expectation for the “home screen” was apps everywhere, like there could be a big Netflix app on your TV, and a game app on your couch. That’s what the commercial promised, but instead I saw a tiny rectangular screen that’s far away and has tiny apps inside it. It was like looking at a phone screen far away from your face.

When I looked around the store with the device, the rectangle wouldn’t follow. I was stuck having to see the rectangular phone screen from the same angle I was when I put the HoloLens on.

What’s interesting though is the pointer for selecting apps and buttons. You have to move your forehead so that the pointer would hover over the app, then you hold up your dominant hand in an L shape and make a pinch sign with your pointer finger touching your thumb.  

So, the selecting part is a bit tricky, but my favorite part about the HoloLens was the World Tour. World Tour is a simple app that is for now just being used for customers to test out how the HoloLens works. It shows you the earth, and as far as I know I could only pick from two places.

I picked Rome because it was only one that popped up while I was messing with the globe. The tour itself was amazing! I could see Rome all around me and was still able to see through it all to my regular environment. It was like being inside Google Maps.

After looking around Rome, I had to leave the HoloLens behind and come home knowing that I, Paige Huffman, tested out the HoloLens. Yes, the HoloLens team made it not look like the commercial at all, and yes, they also had about two years to make it, but I still believe Microsoft will continue working on the HoloLens and make it better.