Creating Art to Connect and Inspire


Art by Will Raines

Art allows us to lose ourselves while we are trying to find ourselves.

“Art is a medium in which I am constantly searching throughout my mind to develop new ideas, and often those ideas lead to new thoughts about who I am and who I want to be,” said Will Raines, a Gibson Ek student.

Will, a sophomore, is an artist who finds a new piece of himself through his art every time he picks up a pencil or paintbrush. “I will become a whole new person, one who thinks more in-depth and has [more] complex ideas…”

When he was as young as 6 years old, Will created art to be closer to his grandfather, Gerald Roberts, a well-known artist. Despite the struggles of trying to live up to his grandfather, he stuck with it and was able to develop his own style and techniques.

When Will was in the seventh grade, he was given the honor of participating in an art show with his grandfather; to this day he considers it one of his greatest artistic accomplishments.

Will is incredibly inspired by Loribelle Spirovski’s contemporary and abstract portraits that are based off Francis Bacon, a 14th century Lord Chancellor of England. Spirovski’s technique and storytelling ability amazes Will.

With a basic knowledge of anatomy, Will sketches characters with cartoonish features ranging from large to small and of all different shapes, “…almost like a more serious version of Kacey Golden [an artist who has inspired him],” Will said.

When painting, Will changes the style to fit the message he is trying to convey, from bright, whimsical colors to contemporary and modern portraits. “Most of my art is based around modern art culture, and the successes and downfalls of it,” he said.

Will explained that he makes art because he feels as though it is what he was put on this earth to do. “ I feel like what I’m meant to do is tell my ideas through art and to speak about deep philosophical thoughts I have, through pretty pieces.”