Freshman Establishes Rap Duo


Mikail Rana (left) and Foster Nix (right) performing live!

Many of Gibson Ek’s students are writing and recording original music, and several of them are taking it a step further and actually releasing it to the public.

An example of one of these student musicians is freshman Foster Nix, who is currently working with a producer to professionally release his music.

Ever since he can remember, music has always been a part of Foster’s life. Though, surprisingly, in terms of rap, it wasn’t something he originally gravitated towards. “Actually, I was really interested in drums, rock music, and guitar in 5th and 6th grade,” he said. He also tried his hand at singing in a choir in middle school, but ultimately decided it wasn’t his thing. Rap wasn’t something Foster got into until he was a bit older.

He explained that it was originally his cousin, who he has always considered a role model, who put him onto rap. “I heard him playing stuff… I wanted to listen to what he was listening to.” Inspired not only by his cousin but by rap artists such as Travis Scott and Seattle-based Lil Mosey, Foster decided to give the whole music-producing thing a go.

About six months ago, Foster was spending time freestyling with two of his good friends (something he does quite often) when they had the idea to start writing and recording songs together. He explained that it was kind of a spur of the moment thing: “Were were like, ‘Bro, we should start a rap trio!’” At the time, Foster had already had connections with local producer Rob Domos, and they soon jumped right into working.

Soon, however, Foster realized that it wasn’t so simple. He said that it was difficult to keep everyone on the same page; one of his friends eventually fell out of the group, which is what led to them becoming a duo.

Foster also expressed that working with a producer can be difficult; they don’t always have the same ideas. “He’s always saying I should do it a different way… and he always takes extra long to get [his vision] out. Sometimes I wish I could just make it more in line [with his ideas], you know what I mean?” He said that “Getting it the way I want it… getting the sound I’m looking for…” is often the hardest part. It can take weeks to get everything right and fully produce a track.

Foster faces obstacles in not only working with others but with himself. Inspiration and motivation can be some of the hardest things to generate, he said. “The real thing is being able to keep that voice in your head telling you that you can do something, when there are all these things telling you that you can’t.”  

Nevertheless, Foster finds a way past his inner conflict. He enjoys writing and rapping about his goals, his future successes, and where he can see himself in the future. “Sometimes that whole cliche getting famous… about the money… all that kind of stuff. Just so that it’s something I can listen to and I can be like, ‘This is what I can see myself doing,’” he said. While it may come across to some listeners as arrogant, Foster emphasized that rapping about success makes him feel like he can do it. “A lot of rappers actually do that. It’s not a bad thing.”

Foster and his best friend Mikail Rana make up rap duo Fathomed, who currently have two tracks published in Soundcloud. Foster goes by the stage name “Foster the Child,” and Mikail raps under the name “Lil Lawliet.”

“We actually have an album on the way,” Foster said, “We have, I think, 8 songs recorded so far.” Fathomed has got some exciting things coming up, and I personally can’t wait to hear what Foster’s got up his sleeve.