Gibson Ek Students Take Running Start


Much like most aspects of Gibson’s Ek education, the Running Start experience for the older Gryphons has been highly dependent on the individual student. Students have a host of reasons for applying for the program, including bolstering their transcript, preparing themselves for college, and getting out of ALEKS, an online math program.

“I took my class because I wanted to get some credits out of the way,” said junior Karly Bauman, who is taking English 101 at Bellevue College. “Also, because we don’t have GPAs, I wanted to show colleges that I can function in a normal classroom.”

After applying, an individual student’s experience of the program can vary depending on a number of factors, including the classes they choose to take and the individual student’s schedule.

Drawing on personal experience, senior Mariah Hurd, a senior avoiding ALEKS by taking her math at Bellevue College, said that it is not too different from her previous learning experiences: “I mean, it’s a math class.”

“It’s been tough; it’s definitely very rigorous,” reports junior Lizzie Christensen, a student enrolled in one of Bellevue College’s statistics classes. “It’s taken a lot of time out of my independent work time, and I have to budget my time and work at home.”

Another determining factor is often the teacher. With that in mind, many students advise looking up professors beforehand to best ensure compatibility. Other recommendations include signing up early and enrolling in classes of genuine interest.

Regardless of how Running Start worked for them, every person interviewed recommends enrolling in at least one class before graduating if it fits the student’s vision.

“It’s super simple to get registered, and the process is really easy, so … I would do it,” said Lizzie. “It’s good to have some college classes on your transcript.”

“I definitely recommend doing a class before college; get back into tests and finals,” Mariah said.