Students Team Up to Support EBC, Malala Fund


E.J. Harrell (left) and Zoe McClain with donated clothing.

Sophomore Zoe McClain and freshman E.J. Harrell worked together last month on clothing drives for separate organizations, and students did not disappoint when it came to donations!

Zoe is working with the Malala Fund, and she has known about the organization for while. She read Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography, I Am Malala, in sixth grade, and has raised money for the organization in the past. Zoe was looking for a different sort of project to do this year, so she started to look into fundraising. And from that, her project was born.

When she dug a little deeper, she found that the Malala Fund was partnered with SchooLa, a program that re-sells donated clothing at a reduced price, and 40 percent of the proceeds go to the Malala Fund.

“That’s a great way to raise money because people like donating stuff. You know, if you say, like, just give me money, it’s hard because they don’t see where it’s going,” she said. Still in the early stages of her project, she continued to research. She focused on finding out where exactly all the money and donations were going, “so that you’re not just blindly giving money to an organization.” After her research phase, she proposed her idea to ASB, and continued on with her planning.

At the same time, freshman E.J. Harrell had been planning to run a clothing drive of her own for Eastside Baby Corner. E.J. interns there, and was in need of an internship project, and thought a clothing drive would be a great idea. She’s been an intern there since early November, and is enjoying it there. Just like Zoe, E.J. had never run a drive either.

They found out about each others’ projects, and that they were going to run the drives on the same week. E.J. says, “Zoe emailed me, and said, ‘Hey, so I know you’re doing a drive as well, so I was wondering if we could pair up.’”  E.J. loved the idea, so the two of them joined forces in their fundraising.

They decided to split up the drive into collecting teen clothes and collecting children’s clothes. EBC only takes clothes up to a certain size, so EJ handled the children’s donations, and Zoe the teen donations. In order to motivate the students to donate clothes, they set up a prize of doughnuts to the advisory that collected the most donations.