Seniors Share Experience with College App Process


As Gibson Ek’s third year continues, members of its first-ever senior class are now college-bound with messages from various colleges coming in to announce their acceptance. The process has been different for every applicant but for most, it’s almost over.


Soren Stoverud-Myers, one of Gibson Ek’s first seniors, says that finally submitting felt relaxing, “like a weight off his shoulders.” Although, he wished he had started earlier for most of them. With the exception of his early application to Montana State University in the summer, he had waited until mid-October to work on the others. But for Soren, applying early also meant hearing back early.

“It was actually kind of a surprise,” he said. “Waiting wasn’t that bad because [the results] came so much earlier than expected.”

His acceptance to Montana State University also makes history as Gibson Ek’s first ever college acceptance, solid proof that colleges are more than open to applicants from alternative education backgrounds.

David Bernado, on the other hand, has only applied to one school: Whitman College. David said that he felt “slightly anxious” after submitting his singular application, but that he was also able to relax somewhat knowing that there was nothing he could do about it at that point. His application wasn’t something he actively thought about while waiting to hear back, but when he did get his results, it was “pretty exciting.”

“I visited the campus once,” David said. “And I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else.”

For Mariah Hurd, hearing back from Montana State University was quite an emotional experience.

“I literally cried when I heard back. I actually cried when I got accepted,” she said. “It was my most stressful application but also my easiest.”

Looking back on the application process as a whole, the seniors report some mixed emotions.

“It was fine,” David said. “I had to do the Common App and that was fine enough. Stacy helped a lot with … entering in projects and representing my work here [in my application].”

“It sucks,” Mariah said, bluntly.

Evon Mahesh offers some advice to rising seniors, “Do as much research as you possibly can…if you think you know everything about a college, you don’t.”

Evon will be attending University of Rochester in the fall. Evon took many factors into account when deciding which school to attend.

“Personally, location was important…I wanted to be near a big city. Also, the opportunities…I would like to be in an area where the work that I do is happening.”

Moving forward, however, feelings skew more positively but for many, the same thing that gets them excited about post-high school life is also what makes them nervous.

“I really want to fly jets in the military,” Soren said. “You need 4 year degree to be commissioned as an officer. But I’m also really excited about independence and living on my own.”

“I’m very excited to be out of this area and move far away,” said Mariah. “And also to be on my own, sort of. I’ve always looked forward to college and I like the idea of it but I’m also worried that college isn’t the picture I painted for myself, that it isn’t what I thought it would be.”

As this hectic time for the Gibson Ek seniors wraps up, a fresh one begin. And for many, that means a new life at college as their results gradually come back.